Best Golf Apps For Apple Watch

Technology has entered every aspect of our lives and we don’t even have to use our eyes which is thanks to careful invention. Apple is a brand that is far ahead of many other brands that focus on technology. They constantly upgrade their products and you also need to look for the apps that earn the most among those products.

As a golfer, you need accuracy and your past record to judge yourself. Most enthusiastic golfers have a golf watch that helps them keep track of where they are going and what they are doing. Not surprisingly, in most cases these watches are of the Apple brand. So, let's take a look at the best golf apps for  Apple Watch.

Best Golf Apps For Apple Watch

Top 8 Best Golf Apps For Apple Watch List

  1. Hole19 App
  2. Golf Pad
  3. GolfShot App
  4. Swing by Swing Golf GPS
  5. Zepp App
  6. Golf Logix Golf GPS +Line
  7. Coach’s Eye
  8. Golf Swing Analyser

Best Golf Apps For Apple Watch  Reviewed

1. Hole19 App

Hole19 App

If you’re looking for a golf app with a few basic free features, Hole 19 definitely offers the best. In fact, it has a stylish design and easy to use interface. Furthermore, it gives you a fairly accurate idea about your course. And I’m not talking about a cartoonish scene but a bird satellite scene that lets you see everything in the course-including the dangers.

It has premium options where you can keep your score and track your improvement or performance.

2. Golf Pad

Golf Pad

This golf shot tracker and GPS app provides many basic features for free including four player scorecards, GPS rangefinder, club prologue, shot tracker, aerial course maps and much more. It works best as a free golf app for iPhone.

Apple Watch support only paid, but now includes free scoring for four players, aircraft maps with flyovers, instant distances, shot tracking and more.

3. Golfshot

Golfshot Golf GPS + Scorecard

The free version of Golfshot includes the distance between the greens and a golf scorecard. You can zoom in on satellite images to get a detailed view of each course. The Golf GPS app provides the latest golf news and statistics like Hit Farewell, Green Vegetables in Control and Puts in Every Hole.

 The 49.99 Paid version of the app, known as Golfshot Plus, is interactive for all targets and hazards, enhancing realism with real-time distance, as well as real-time GPS distance, scoring, tracking your Apple Watch, and golfscape. Other features include a 3D flyover preview of each hole and a personalized club

4. Swing by Swing Golf GPS

Swing by Swing Golf GPS

This app comes with both free and premium features. Surprisingly, the free features are enough for most golfers. It has maps of almost any course in the world.

As a result, it gives you more accurate distances to survive and you can track your distance, shots, status, etc. with this app as it helps you to record your performance in it. Therefore, you can see your improvement and try to do better. The view it gives may not be very great in terms of tracking around the course. It is best to show you the distance.

5. Zepp App

Zepp App

You know that the most important part of playing golf is your swing. Accuracy lets you know where to hit and how far you need to go. However, it is this pendant that makes them all come alive - it is not profitable if you cannot carry out your plan.

The Jeep app gives you the option to monitor your swing as well. However, you will need a zip sensor with your gloves to monitor your swing.

Don't worry if you don't want sensors. The app itself caps over other golf apps. It gives you distance, gives you a view of the course, and gives you the ability to record and track your performance. Overall, this is sure to be a great app, as well as easy to use. However, if you get a sensor with it, it will provide more value.

6. Golf Logix Golf GPS +Line

Golf Logix Golf GPS +Line

The Golf Logics application is another application that gives you a lot of basic information you need from the applications. Apparently, this app will take you to the distances of more than 35000 golf courses around the world. You will be able to calculate the distance. Additionally, you can put a score of four players on it and it can be uploaded to the app's website so you can track your own performance.

The premium version lets you know the distance of the hole from different angles. The premium version does one more thing-it lets you know what the standard looks like. Clearly, this shows how far the club you are using has to go. Additionally, this app also gives you access to videos that you can learn. Overall, this is an app with many features that will help you improve your performance - it's like a guide for golf.

7. Coach’s Eye

Coach’s Eye

Most of the time you know what you should do but you don’t know what you are doing. In this case you need an application that will help you monitor yourself. Coach's Eye is an app that lets you record your swing at a slower pace. Additionally, you can zoom in, compare with other videos, and do more to analyze your swing.

If you are looking to improve your golf swing then this is actually one of the best choices.

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8. Golf Swing Analyser

Golf Swing Analyser

This is an app that stays fixed on your Apple Watch and records your pendant. It holds information like swing strength, tempo etc. You can analyze this data and then work to improve your swing.

Record again and compare with your previous oscillations - this will give you a better view of your performance.


Apple watches are constantly improving their design and features. The app is also improving along with the watch. So, you may be satisfied with an app for a while but you realize that a new app will make more use of the features of the new watch.

So, you either need to constantly upgrade your application or replace it. But for now, here are some of the best golf apps for Apple Watch.

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