Best Golf Rangefinder: Top 5 Rangefinders Reviews

Golf rangefinder is a sophisticated compass for practicing this sport that helps to improve the handicap of the player, both beginner and advanced. So In this article we are going write a complete Review about best golf rangefinder and buying guide.

Best Golf Rangefinder


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TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

TecTecTec VPRO500 golf rangefinder







Precision Pro Golf NX7 Rangefinder

Precision Pro Golf NX7 Rangefinder







Rangefinder, KKmoon 1,968.5 ft Golf Rangefinder 

Rangefinder, KKmoon 1,968.5 ft Golf Rangefinder







Bozily Golf Rangefinder

Bozily Golf Rangefinder







Wosports Hunting Range Finder

Wosports Hunting Range Finder




Best Golf Rangefinders Reviewed & Analyzed

1. TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

If you are in search of the best golf rangefinder , then you should review this model developed by the house TecTecTec, which has attractive features.

TecTecTec VPRO500 golf rangefinder

We will begin by emphasizing its compact format of 4.1 x 7.2 x 10.4 centimeters, a weight of 160 grams, ergonomic design and resistant casing, which you can easily manipulate.

Its operation is instinctive, being necessary to slide just one button to select between the “Standard”, “Scan” or “Pinseeker” working modes. In this way, you will have access to all the information regarding the distance of the flag and the obstacles present on the playing field. Also, the device has a wide field view, lens with a range of up to 500 meters and 6X magnification.

Its energy supply is three watts, through a CR2 battery and in the purchase package you will find some accessories, both for cleaning and storage.

Its ergonomic design, light format and instinctive operation are some of the characteristics that some buyers consider this model to be the best golf rangefinder of the moment.


  •  Format: The model of this device has a width, depth and height format of 4.1 x 7.2 x 10.4 centimeters. In addition, its weight is only 160 grams.
  • Accessories: The manufacturer incorporated a microfiber cloth for cleaning the lenses, a storage cover and CR2 battery.
  • Operation: The device incorporates two buttons, one of them for turning on – off and another for selecting the three working modes.
  • Design: The shell has an ergonomic shape and a non-slip area that adapts to the anatomy of your hand, preventing slipping.


  • Battery: One of the buyers has indicated that the life of the battery is very short.

2. Precision Pro Golf NX7 Rangefinder

Precision Pro Golf could easily be one of the best golf rangefinder  in 2020, combining a sporty, rugged and functional design. It has a vibration system that alerts when aiming at different objects, with adaptation technology for inclinations and taking measurements regardless of the angle of the slopes present in the field.

Precision Pro Golf NX7 Rangefinder

On the other hand, it has a practical gray casing with some apple green details, made of textured rigid polymer to provide a better grip and prevent slipping.

In addition, it has IPX7 certification against rain and splashes, so you can use it regardless of the weather conditions. Its format is 15.2 x 20.3 x 10.2 centimeters and weight of 295 grams, being compact and light specifications, which will allow you to handle it comfortably. Additionally, you will find in the purchase package a tether, rigid storage bag, batteries, cleaning cloth, warranty card and instruction manual.

NX7 Pro is a device developed by the company Precision Pro Golf, sometimes rated as the best brand of golf rangefinder, due to its quality.


  • Format: This model is offered in a compact format with just 295 grams of weight, so you can easily handle or store it.
  • Features: The device offers precise measurement technology, vibration alert when setting objects and a mode for terrain with steep slopes.
  • Accessories: Among the built-in accessories you will find a microfiber cleaning cloth, storage bag, batteries and tether.
  • Warranty: The manufacturer offers a warranty card valid for a period of two years, which you must activate on the brand’s official website.


  • Instructions: When reviewing the web we found a comment in which one of the clients complains about how little explanatory the instruction manual is.

3. KKmoon 1,968.5 ft Golf Rangefinder 

This model is positioned as the best value for money laser rangefinder for golf, since among the products on this list it is the cheapest. The casing is white, with some black details in the clamping area and its compact format.

Rangefinder, KKmoon 1,968.5 ft Golf Rangefinder

It is a structure of 11 x 7.5 x 4.5 centimeters and a weight of 174 grams, which will not take up much space or give you complications when handling it. For its operation it requires a three-watt CR2 type battery, offering adequate autonomy to use it in your golf, target shooting, climbing or hunting practices.

It also has IP54 certification, that is, you will not have to worry about the deterioration caused by agents such as water and / or dust. Its lens has a 6X magnification, a range of 600 meters to measure the distance to the fixed object and also includes some accessories.

This device is made with high-end raw material, thus offering a compact, light and resistant structure. Its design is ergonomic, easy to handle and is also one of the cheapest.


  • Format: The structure of this golf rangefinder has a length, width, height of 11 x 7.5 x 4.5 centimeters and a weight of 174 grams.
  • Accessories: With the purchase of the device, a holding rope, storage cover and cleaning cloth are included.
  •  Lens: The golf rangefinder lens has a maximum magnification of 6X and an aperture of 16 to 25 millimeters.
  • Resistance: The casing offers great resistance because it is made of robust polymer. In addition, it has IP54 certification against dust and water.


  • Battery: Some of the buyers have commented missing the presence of a CR2 battery required for its operation.

4. Bozily Golf Rangefinder

With so many gauges on the market, pinpointing which is the best golf rangefinder is not a task that can be done lightly. However, there is a model that stands out for its adaptability not only with this sport, but also in the practice of hunting or outdoor ascents.

Bozily Golf Rangefinder

This device is only 185 grams in weight, ergonomic and portable design. In addition, it incorporates a storage bag to transport it comfortably, a tether that will allow you to handle it safely and at the base of the case you have an adjustment area if you want to use a tripod.

Its power consumption is three watts, powered by a rechargeable 750mah lithium-ion battery using a USB cable. The team measures both speed and distance and its lens has a 7X magnification.

If you still don’t know what golf rangefinder to buy, the invitation is to review the pros and cons of a model that enjoys great prestige due to its functional, resistant and instinctive design.


  • Function: With this device you can make speed measurements at a maximum of 300 kilometers per hour, as well as set distances of up to 800 meters.
  • Battery: A lithium ion battery has been incorporated, providing a three-watt power equivalent to 750 mAh.
  • Weight: The equipment offers a weight of only 185 grams, being a light casing that will not generate fatigue in your hands when handling it.
  • Accessories: In the purchase package you will find a storage bag, tether and USB charging cable.


  • Storage: For some of the buyers, the built-in storage sleeve is a bit flimsy, so it deteriorates easily.

5. Wosports Hunting Range Finder

It is a product that has been widely supported by buyers worldwide due to its pocket design, sturdy structure and easy operation. Its format is 10 x 7 x 3 centimeters and the weight is 180 grams, being a model that you can take with you anywhere with total comfort.

Wosports Hunting Range Finder

Among its working modes you will have distance and / or speed measurement with a range of up to 600 meters, making it possible to adjust these aspects according to your needs of use and enjoy the data thrown on the easy-to-read screen incorporated into the structure. That is why it is recommended for activities, in addition to golf, such as hunting, mountaineering, target shooting or outdoor sports. It is powered by a 3.7 volt lithium ion battery, IP54 certified, 7X magnification lens and some accessories.

Wosports Hunting Range Finder is a portable, waterproof golf rangefinder with an easy-to-recharge battery. In addition, its casing is weather resistant.


  • Format: The device has a pocket design with a format of 10 x 7 x 3 centimeters and a weight of only 180 grams, being easy to handle or store.
  • Functions: With this equipment you can select between two functions or work modes according to your needs, so you can measure both distance and speed.
  • Resistance: The casing has been provided with IP54 certification, which gives the device protection against water and / or dust.
  • Accessories: The manufacturer attached a storage bag, USB cable to recharge the battery and an adjustable strap to fit the device to your wrist.


  • Instruction Manual: Users have complained that the built-in instruction manual is only in English language.

Golf Rangefinder – Buying Guide

When you start your golf practices it is necessary to have a device that allows you to know the distance between the flags and obstacles present on the field of play, as well as the angle or speed of the trajectory. In this way, your launches will have greater precision. So for those who require a golf laser rangefinder, they should review the options on the market before making a rush purchase. 

As our first recommendation, we present you the TecTecTec VPRO500 model, made with robust and resistant raw material so that you do not have to worry about deterioration due to unexpected impacts. Its compact format can be easily manipulated and, in addition, it has an instinctive operation, designed to set targets quickly. But if you are looking for a weather resistant device and with some accessories that improve your experience of use, you should know the Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro model.

Buying Guide

If you have decided to buy a laser rangefinder to improve performance and precision on the playing field, in order to determine the speed of the trajectory and other elements, you should know that there are many options available on the market, but it may not be all have the quality attributes. So that you know what to look for before choosing in a hurry, we present you a guide to buy the best laser rangefinder on the market.
TecTecTec VPRO500 golf rangefinder

Functions and precision

 When purchasing one of these devices, it is necessary to consider the functions incorporated in the equipment and the precision or reliability of the data collected. Hence, it is important to establish a comparison of laser golf rangefinders that are more attractive to you, due to the mechanism and functions with which they are equipped.
Before making a hasty choice, you should look for a design of technological properties and that offers an exact and precise measurement, without failures, because otherwise you would be making a bad investment. Likewise, within the functions, there are many rangefinders that are equipped with different modalities according to the type of terrain. Others can make speed measurements of up to 300 kilometers per hour, set long distances of between 600m and 1 kilometer or be equipped with a magnification lens of between 4X to 6X and an aperture of 16 to 25 millimeters.
When making the decision, preferably select the model that provides the greatest benefits for playing golf and that incorporates vibration alert when fixing objects, as this will allow you to enjoy the activity more and get more out of all your movements in the countryside.

Materials and design

It is likely that before deciding on a model you want to know how much a golf laser rangefinder costs, so it would be wise to consider the materials that the manufacturer has incorporated into its development. Accordingly, a device can be considered of greater or lesser quality and resistance, with those called high-end being more expensive, due to their durability.
One of the most common materials used for these devices is rigid polymer. Since golf is a sport that is practiced in the open air, it is likely that the device is exposed to natural factors such as wind, water and dust, so it is recommended that you look for designs with a high level of resistance or that incorporate IP54 certification, from so that durability is maximized, delaying deterioration.

Design and weight

Before buying, it is appropriate to analyze all the properties and, although your search engine is based on an economic device, you should go a little further and consider aspects such as design and weight, because both properties can affect quality and functionality. Of the device.
In the market you can get different models, versions and types of rangefinders, some of lower quality than others, being recommended preferably those with a practical, compact and ergonomic design, which provides the user with an optimal and firm grip to reduce the risk of slipping, falls and breakdowns.
It is recommended that you select models that are light, weighing between 160 and 200 grams so that they are portable and easy to handle with one hand. In addition, it is convenient that the design incorporates in its casing a rope that improves grip. Some models even include a case for greater protection of the laser rangefinder.

Accessibility and battery

Before buying a Golf rangefinder , it would be advisable to look for a model that has an instinctive and simple use, with an operating system and accessibility that does not require major complications, but can be configured and used with just a few buttons. This saves you time and will also facilitate its use, so you can focus on what is important, which is the game or the practice of golf.
Another aspect that you should not leave out is the battery. In the market you can get from rangefinders that work with rechargeable batteries, to models that are equipped with integrated batteries of higher amperage and rechargeable properties.
In the first case, buying batteries on a regular basis is an additional expense, while in the second one this is avoided through a single investment. Of both modalities, the recommended one is usually the rechargeable one, since it provides greater autonomy for a shorter charging time and the devices include the cable or the corresponding power device.


How to make a golf rangefinder with arduino?

For this, you must have a sensor and you need to know how to use the three wires: red for voltage, black for ground, and yellow for the analog signal that connects to the steel pin of the arduino to convert the signal to digital. The voltage and ground wires must connect with the arduino to connect the sensor. Then you will have to configure it on your PC and see the maximum or minimum value that the sensor dials to add that data to the configuration process. Finally, test the operation of your laser rangefinder with short distances.

Is it worth buying a high precision golf rangefinder?

In a sport like golf, precision is a very important issue, so having one of these devices will be completely helpful. With the ability to perform a significant number of measurements in a short time and with high precision, this technological device will serve you if you are a golf fan.
Therefore, when purchasing one, you must take into account the following characteristics: know the range of this laser meter and know the precision of the diameter, because when you need more precision, you need to invest in a quality laser rangefinder that allows calculating the distance in a simple way. Another important aspect is that the meter has protection against dust and falls, which will prevent damage to the device.

Are cheap golf rangefinders reliable?

Yes, in fact the market offers many golf rangefinders that are inexpensive and serve to measure distances in golf, as well as in the industrial sector, among others. To make sure you buy it for a much cheaper price, it is recommended that you buy it online. Just because it is inexpensive does not mean it is not durable, on the contrary, many cheap rangefinders offer a guarantee of durability.
Remember that when you want to buy a golf rangefinder you must take into account the size and weight and know if its use will be at home or professional level. The lighter and more compact the meter is, the easier it will be to use. Likewise, the battery and its charging method must be taken into consideration. A rangefinder with a lithium battery will save you time and money.

How can a golf rangefinder be calibrated?

For this, you must have a marker, a tape and a meter at home. In principle, note the exact distance between the laser rangefinder and the opposite point. You must use the meter to determine the distance, a process that must be repeated at least 10 times to obtain a more accurate measurement. Then, the distance between the rangefinder and the measuring stick must be subtracted. 

You can also check our an informative article How to use a golf Rangefinder

Final Words

Hopefully this article gave you some important information about golf rangefinder. We tried our best to provide you good value about a perfect golf range finder. i hope it will help you. We have a review article about golf club you can check it out also. So thank you very much for read this article have a good journey with Golf. 

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