C3i Wedge Review: With Buying guide

Choosing the right golf club to walk that awesome wide green course can be either a necessity or a duty of personal style. Either way, you know as a golfer that the club is more important than anything else. Can't pull a ball without a club, what can you do? alright then Welcome to our C3i Wedge Review.

Forget golf bags, carts, shoes and both amateur and seasoned
Golfers fussed about. What you will get now is the primary weapon you will use for this

With that in mind, I'm now taking you on a trip to verify that this hype-up is implementing C3i Wage with its advertising claims. Let’s dive into the C3i Wedge Review.

C3i Wages review

Features to be Noted of C3i Wedge Review

Let’s dive deeper into the features of the C3i Wage. and describe those features one by one. we are going to describe those features and those here listed below 

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Durability
  • Legality


C3i Wedge prefers to call its manufacturer Premium Sand Wedge. Although you can bet your life they claim more than that. It is a high loft golf club that varies in degrees of l5, 59 and 55. This particular feature can be good or bad.

This is great if you are trying to get a ball out of the bunker easily. Yet it can be bad if you want a lot of distance control and versatility in your shots.

The C3i Wedge is specifically designed for amateurs, middle-aged people with disabilities and golf enthusiasts who just want to try another special club. It has units available for both hand orientation and has a dimensions of 59.1 x 9.8 x 9.8 inches. Also, both men and women can rest with the assurance that this kill will suit them fine


This C3I wedge was specially engineered to fully develop. It has a wide unit that can easily get your ball out of the bunkers. On the downside, however, the tight-fitting clothing on the course can create a skull due to the lone width.

The C3i Wage unit also includes an auto-glide technology. It is responsible for one Sand minus isolated and smooth cut through digging. This is a great feature to keep in mind if you are someone like me who often has this problem.

Excess curves and beveled leading edges also reduce ground interaction. This ensures you a clear communication

C3i Wedge’s hose and heel are also shaped to reduce material collection in the pocket. It reduces grip and falls off roughly.

Its specialized engineering has made room for virtually no-effort flop shots. Golfers only need to set goals. Isn't that great? If you have the money to survive, but don't have the time to learn techniques with traditional themed wedges, C3i Wedges can be what you need to get your game up.

Just keep in mind that usually the chipping, pitching, and other things you do with traditional thimble wages but this wedge doesn’t actually do much. It is also not recommended for use beyond 40 yards.


The C3i Wedge is a 1 pound, stainless steel club that has proven to be durable over time. Its components will not give up easily and it may join your games for longer than you expected. One of the problems you may face is a bit of poor color work.

But if this club takes you away from the bunkers and allows you to enjoy more birdies, it will be just a small trade for you if you are bad enough to get out of the tough spot you probably won't mind.


If you want to use this kill for a legal tournament, no one can stop you. It adheres to all golf rules and gives you no problem getting them into the original game. Don’t you like it when you can take some edge without breaking any rules? If you’re not more of a rebellious kind, that’s it.


  • In fact one can easily get the ball out of the bunkers
  • Glides smoothly through the sand without avoiding or digging
  • Provides decent support to limit apprehensive shots
  • Will actually introduce higher than the typical 60-degree wedges
  • Approved by most users


  • A good paint job may be required
  • Its large single can make skulls in hard lies
  • One-trick Tony more
  • Limits the versatility of your shots around green
  • The 65-degree mount will probably leave you with plenty of distance control

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

What user’s height will it be best for?

Answer: There is only one version of C3i Wage which is about 5'2 "to 6'2" tall suitable for both men and women.

How is the product’s packaging?

Answer: The C3I wedge is very well packaged inside the firm box.

What distance can I expect from different lofts?

Answer: The 65-degree C3i wedge is best and is often used as a sand well outside Green side bunker and 40 yards to 59 GB oft as a lob wage Used in about 50-55 yards 555-655 inches up to 55 degree loft suitable Keep in mind that at the end of the day, golfers will get different results depending Hit them


Personally, I think the C3i Wedge would be a good purchase if it was just your last resort to help you with the bunker shots. It involves claiming to give you that simple ball out of lying. I wouldn’t take their good points for it. But really, that’s right. This is what you can label as a one-stop strategy.
Its design provides relief for golfers who have not learned the proper techniques in the vicinity

Various lies still. This definitely gives amateurs and the disabled a distinct edge. Although it's not really helpful when it comes to versatility with your shots. If you don’t really have a bunch of extra money to spend at another club, or if you spend his time golfing on the weekends, I don’t recommend buying a C3i Wage.

Diving deeper into the game and learning the right techniques is still a better decision for me. There is no need to spend money if you can choose a reputable skill instead.

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