How to clean golf balls at home

Dirty golf balls can have a negative effect on your game, reducing your spin speed and even the best golf shot. A clean golf ball will fly truer, faster, and farther than its dirty counterpart. So in this article we are going to let you know about how to clean golf balls.

How To Clean Golf Balls

There are 4 simple steps to clean golf balls:

1 If you have a bag with full of balls to wash the first step is to sort through the balls. There is no point in cleaning damaged golf balls so lay an old towel on the floor and carefully empty the balls onto the towel. Pick any of the damaged balls and set aside for disposal. Also select some of the clean balls and set the sides.

2 Secondly Fill your bucket full of hot soapy water using a general dish detergent. Now carefully dip the dirty balls in the water and soak them for a few minutes, but not too long as you don’t want the water to cool down.

3 After a few minutes pick up your brush – a scrubbing brush will wash dishes every day. Pick up a ball out of the water and – keep the ball wet – scrub the dirty areas of the ball until it is clean. Clean each individual ball.

4 Place a second towel, clean your side. Once a ball is wiped clean, place a ball on the towel and wipe until it is dry and shiny. As each ball is cleaned, recheck for cuts and damaged areas, as a damaged ball can seriously affect your golf game.

Tips and Warnings

Golfers often mark balls with a permanent marker to distinguish it from an opponent’s ball. To remove these marks, pour a bit of nail polish remover on a cotton ball and wet hands over the marking three or four times. So it will removes all unwanted marks.

Final Words:

Hopefully you have already known that How to clean golf balls. We have another article about golf club. We have written in this article about 5 Best golf clubs you can check it out and know more about golf clubs.

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