How to Make EZ Go Gas Golf Cart Faster

 ‘What do I do to increase my golf cart speed?’ and ‘What do I do to increase the overall power out of my Ez Go gas golf cut?’ These are all familiar questions that we get asked daily. Like many other enquiries about these questions, there are many ways to solve this proplem. In this article, we will discuss How to Make EZ Go Gas Golf Cart Faster

About Ez Go Gas Golf Carts

EZ Go company is among the leading companies when it comes to manufacturing golf carts. This company makes both gas-powered and electric golf carts

Before, most golfers preferred electric cuts but as time has gone by they have changed to gas-powered golf carts. EZ Go is among the companies that manufacture gas-powered golf carts. It provides its customers with more features that are promising. Their carts run faster and can manage heavier loads than carts from other manufactures. The most amazing feature that many people adore is the ability to modify EZ Go gas golf carts. If not satisfied with their speed you can easily modify their engines so that they run faster.

How to Make EZ Go Gas Golf Cart Faster

Ez Go Gas Golf Cart Speed

So, what is the speed of EZ golf carts? Most golf carts either used or new is made to go at a maximum speed of 15 miles in one hour. This speed is perfect for most people however, some are looking to boost the speed so that their golf carts can go faster than 20 MPH. So, how does one boost this speed and how much will he spend on it? Read on to get all the answers to these questions.

How to Make EZ Go Gas Golf Cart Faster

  • Adding more torque .
  • Upgrading the motor of the golf cart.
  • Improving the High-Speed regulator of the golf cart.
  • Adding high-quality golf cart tires.
  • Use batteries with higher voltage.
  • Keep your golf cart light and clean.

There are a plethora of things to make your Ez Go Gas golf cart faster.

Extra Torque Means More Speed

Torque is a function of current and is normally the pulling power of the engine or motor. This means that the higher the current, the higher the torque.
Increase the motor’s RPM in if at all you want your golf cart to move at high speed. The motor’s RPM can be increased by the following two ways.

  • Provide more voltage to your current motor. This will keep the motor’s current and supply it extra voltage, this will in turn result in increased top-end speed.
  • Use a motor with an RPM that is highly rated. This will give you the option of leaving your voltage alone. Top-end speed is what determines the speed of your golf cart.

Upgrade the motor of your current golf cart

 Most Series Wound Direct Current Torque Motors are created with a huge field of coil inside. These huge coils fields allow the generation of larger magnetic fields and hold the armature more safely, hence generating more torque. This is the best option when it comes to increasing the torque of your EZ Go Gas golf cart however, they have nothing to do with speed.

When compared to Series Wound Direct Current Torque Motor, Series Wound Direct Current Speed Motors have a smaller coil field. This allows the armature to spin at high RMP because of the weaker magnetic field. The higher RMP will result in increased top-end speed.

Generally, installing a torque motor will make your golf cart more powerful, but speed will be sacrificed a little. On the other hand, as its name implies, installing a new motor speed can lead to increased speed but torque will be a little bit sacrificed.

Upgrade the Solenoid Contractor Relay or the High-Speed Controller

Upgrading your golf cart speed motor or torque motor is not the end solution. As you are upgrading your golf cart speed you also need to remember to upgrade its electrical components.

The two electrical components mentioned above are located between the battery bank and the motor. If these electrical components are not improved together with the torque motor and speed motor, you will create a situation called "bottleneck". The motor will not function at its highest capacity if the motor is drawing 300 amps to itself when its solenoid and controller have a muscle of 250 amps.  

All components of your golf cart should be upgraded if at all you need high speed. Upgrading torque motor and motor speed will not work best.

Add Better Golf Cart Tyres

Increasing your golf cart tire size and upgrading tires is one of the most pocket-friendly way to boost your golf cart speed. Upgrading tires works not only for EZ Go Gas golf carts but also for electric golf carts. Installing wheels with a wider diameter on your gas golf cart means higher top speed.

8" is the standard tire diameter for used and most new golf carts. Bigger golf carts have a tire diameter of around 20” to 24”). This tire diameter can boost your golf cart speed by 2-4 MPH without upgrading new torque motors, speed motors, etc.

Whether you made your mind to change your golf cart tires or not, don’t forget to inflate the tires as recommended. Make sure you properly inflate your golf cart tires whether you choose to increase the size or not. PSI can vary according to the type and size of your particular golf cart tire.

Utilize a high voltage battery.

Boosting the batteries of the cart is a sure way to increase the overall power and speed of your golf cart. This way takes no time and can easily be done by almost everybody. To do this, first you need to check the voltage of your current battery. Most golf carts are made to only function with specific types of batteries. So, before you buy a new battery be certain if it is compatible with your golf cart.

Installing a new battery with high voltage will boost the golf cart’s engine output. The increase in motor output will result in higher top-end speed. 
Don’t forget to maintain your batteries by keeping them clean from any corrosion. Batteries covered with dirt from corrosion can make the golf cart sluggish. Use battery cleaners to clean your batteries.

Make sure that your golf cart is clean and light.

Keeping your golf cart clutter-free and light is a sure way to boost the overall performance and speed of your golf cart speed.

The underside of your golf cart can be ignored and neglected sometimes. However, most people who own golf carts keep their carts in tip-top/pristine shape. Always inspect the underside of your cart and check for things such as stones, mud, pebbles, and caked-on particles. Such stuff can result in slower speeds because of the build-up on the underside of your golf cart.


Hope you are clear now about How to Make EZ Go Gas Golf Cart Faster" Ez Go Gas Golf Carts are among the most widely utilized golf carts in the golfing industry. Their dependability and relatively quiet running motors make them amazing. If you own one and you are looking forward to upgrade their speed, try the ways mentioned above. Doing some of these upgrades can increase the overall performance and speed of your golf cart.

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